He dances more than he used to

Walks with a purpose

Lean and sharp

A look,

And sometimes he imagines it

A video game

And he’s levelled up

But he still says hello

In his own way

Even after the silence has faded

Remember there is always



A beautiful poem

Through the Fog poetry

​Some nights,

Laying in the dark-
I can feel you reaching,
Your warmth caressing,
Sharing the same space,
Our place we have made-
In the midnight dark,
My soul longs,
And my heart aches-
Still torn apart.


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Empty room, empty room
How am I gonna fill U?
How am I gonna fill this empty room?

Love is strong, however long
We should’ve been 4ever
How am I ever gonna fill this empty room?

Found a strand of your hair
By the bathroom window
How am I ever gonna get U off my mind?

In my bed, in my head
Every word U’ve spoken
Now how am I gonna fill this empty room?

Lonely hearts, worlds apart
Why should they be broken?
When we could be somewhere makin’ love

Love is strong, however long
We should’ve been 4ever
Baby, why did U leave me all alone?
Why’d U do it?

Barren walls, tears fall
What’s the use in cryin’?
I gotta find a way, find a way 2 fill this empty room

Elegant and heartfelt work with clarity and depth.

I saw you and you smiled,
A smile of a thousand words,
I listened,
Stories untold,
Potential clarity,
I believed.

You touched me and I felt,
Overwhelming senses alighting,
I succumbed,
Emotive thoughts,
A filling heart,
I was complete.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…

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The Great War was a tragedy and a fundamental event in human history for our civilization. The stories it bloomed were genuinely moving and horrific.

Somehow toy instruments make it infectiously endearing.