Writing about [REC]

I've started writing for Horror Screams Video Vault, and you can find my first article here. https://www.horrorscreamsvideovault.co.uk/2020/12/rec-returns-in-4k-in-january-2021-from-arrow-video.html


With the sixth book, I have reached the mid-point. This is the most challenging of the stories I've written about Ron, going deep into some areas which I've not seen in the style and genre. So forgive the relative lack of posting, as I am keen to get this finished before the end of the … Continue reading Halfway

The fifth Ron Brandywood book is done

So, it's now onto the sixth book, and from there, ever onwards. I've also published a couple of courses, one about running table top role playing games which is here. I've also published a free writing course, which is available here. Also, I am available for editing and writing consultations with individuals and businesses. I've … Continue reading The fifth Ron Brandywood book is done

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