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Suns first blush

Letting you sleep awhile

Stealing away to the page

But I’ll return

This is no secret

How I’ve always known

This connection to a process

I’ve worn as armour

Laid beneath like a blanket fort

And you’ve never sought to

Steal it from me

So here, between pages,

A kiss of phonemes and analogies

Fresh hot tea

And the spry quiet expression

I have when I’ve attended to

The grand works and so here

My attention, offered and accepted,

Steal back to bed and close my eyes

Breathe you in

As you move towards

Me, compelled by gravity

Of fulfilled purpose

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quiet rock

The pages are done

Writing ahead

A quiet flurry of

Activity as your soft breath

Whispers of rest calling

Letting you sleep

Whilst I attend to my purpose,

This part of me

The certainty of self

Dutiful and oftentimes

Holding in the giddy sweeping

Boyhood we never relinquish

And still the sight of you

Brings it to the surface

Like blood underneath

Skin struck with a telling blow

But I am the rock

Soft only to your touch

But steadfast and I wonder

If it blunts my appeal

But I know no other way

Than this, the purpose and

Its strength, the sustenance

And my goals, polished but not


You alongside them

And so, pages done,

I wait for you to awaken

A sleepy smile

And here comes the rush

All over again.

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Thank You

I don’t always take the time to say this but each like and comment matters to me. We risk ridicule when we post our art and if something I’ve written has entertained you or distracted you then it’s been worthwhile in the time spent doing it.

So this post is for you. Your attention is currency spent on days when I doubt myself and I could slump in front of the TV.  I hope you keep reading and continue to engage with me here, because you’re a beautiful bunch of people and I’ll keep writing to entertain and express.



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In Motion

In motion,

The nights aren’t so cold,

And I am thinking,

Putting together the

Ideas into marks,

On paper

Zeroes and ones,

Working towards

Goals and finding joy,

Along the way,

Craving sweetness,

But I practice

Delayed gratification,

Seeking the space,

To think and connect,

Bold enough to fuck up,

Over never risking at all,

A student with a deadline,

Imposed upon myself,

Back into the warm,

Before the cold steals,

My fingers ability,

To dance with the words,

A tango,

A drugged grind,

Yet indomitable,

In answering the call,

To dance but now,

I walk in,

Coffee and air blue

Thick with smoke,

So, freed at last,

I begin to write.


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I am launching a Patreon page where you can sign up to exclusive offers and prizes in return for your ongoing support.

The page will go live on 19/02/2018. I will post updates and then go live with it on the Monday evening. It’s time to take this up a notch and I hope you will be part of it.

Have a look and see, I hope you’ll join me in the next phase of my career.


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A house of words





Building a house

Of words

Floorboards of stories

Poetry as snapshots

Mounted in frames

An honest

Tableaux of feeling

And your face,

Your voice

The foundations are steady

And the winds outside

Howl but do not

Gain the knowledge

Of how best to do me


I sit by the fire

Writing it into

Tongues of flame,

Join me in silence,

I offer my attention,

Without expectations

I hope you will

Join me

Beside the fire.