Writing Despite Inspiration

(This is an excerpt from something I have been working on) WORKING DESPITE INSPIRATION. By having a system of writing, and favouring it over a goal, you will avoid a lot of pitfalls in producing written work. One of them being the natural sensation of not ‘feeling inspired’ as an excuse not to write.  A … Continue reading Writing Despite Inspiration


Available For Writing Consultations

https://www.fiverr.com/share/P49NpA With the benefit of my experience and understanding, I can help you overcome the resistances to getting your work from an idea to a reality. No matter what stage of development you are at, whether it is endless lists of ideas or a manuscript stuck at a particular stage, I can get you through … Continue reading Available For Writing Consultations

Summoning The Daemon

  The title does not contradict my previous statements on inspiration. It is inconstant and should not be relied upon as part of a writing process if you want to achieve a regular body of work. I do, so I don't rely on it. I write through all the different shades of feeling. Feeling ill? … Continue reading Summoning The Daemon

On Writing – Second Drafts and Approaches

I am now 65 pages into the second draft of Lawful Evil. What has been interesting for me is that I am a lot more ruthless with it than the first draft than I have been in previous books. A lot of that comes from experience, an understanding that my first drafts are about getting … Continue reading On Writing – Second Drafts and Approaches

Patience and Process

Sit down, listen and I will share something I've learned. I have learned this through pain and upset, which is how the best lessons are learned. Ask a thwarted lover, they will tell you, if they can manage to stop crying long enough for any degree of clarity. The most difficult thing to learn when … Continue reading Patience and Process

Basics of Writing

Ok, so I have been writing a little while now, and have things to show for it, some of which are in arenas beyond here. Infernal Ink in April of this year and the For Her anthology in Cleiss Press (release tbc). I have an agent (Kelly Marshall at SMART Talent Agency), a writing practice … Continue reading Basics of Writing