Writing Update

I am 8k into the third Ron Brandywood book, with the second book now out for feedback, and people still finishing the first. I've also launched my first writing course, which has had students join up already and you can find it: https://matthew-s-school-a2c9.thinkific.com/courses/your-first-course I also shared an excerpt from the third book earlier this week, … Continue reading Writing Update


Students are signing up overnight!

My course has had students signing up overnight, writers who are keen to get past their barriers and produce work which reflects their talent and dedication. https://matthew-s-school-a2c9.thinkific.com/courses/your-first-course Please share this because there might be someone out there who needs this help.

Resolve Your Writing Issues

With my experience and knowledge, I will help you get writing and producing the stories you have inside you. https://matthew-s-school-a2c9.thinkific.com/courses/your-first-course

My first students..

The first students have signed up for my free writing course. What is stopping you from getting your writing problems resolved? https://matthew-s-school-a2c9.thinkific.com/courses/your-first-course

My free course

Is now live. I have students signed up already, so why not join them? It is designed for writers who face resistance in completing work or overcoming barriers. Right now it is free to sign up, so what are you waiting for? https://matthew-s-school-a2c9.thinkific.com/courses/your-first-course

Systems Over Goals(Writing Advice)

Another excerpt. I would value your comments and feedback. The goal is a book, a story.  Goals are admirable, essential as they lead to achievements. You are here to achieve your goals,. The path to getting there, not only once, but as many times as you need, takes action but also a degree of self … Continue reading Systems Over Goals(Writing Advice)