Save The Leon

Leon went into David’s office at five to twelve.  The firing window. Five minutes before the scheduled break so the dismissed employee left without facing attention or questions. It kept them off the phone and didn’t mean facing supporters with their impending termination taking the brakes off their opinions.  Your job was to deliver a … Continue reading Save The Leon

The Real World

I've been focused on the day job and have now qualified as an emergency call handler after a few weeks of work and a training course with certification. Art is a support system for life, and although the writing is a massive part of me, I am a firm believer in the value of working … Continue reading The Real World


I've been setting up 51R which turned out to be a larger piece of work than expected. It is much better and I am excited to share some of it with you in the near future. There's been some deep work with the writing and it's been good so far. It's a time of transition, … Continue reading Update

much beyond sleep

Smile in the quiet Up late, Writing to alleviate The constant hum of Purpose Only I hear it The song, thick and low, Like wine in my veins More achieved, Building a monument Visible from inner space, Potent with achievement Put the pages away but they Do not leave my sight Much beyond sleep


Caffeine couldn't touch Craig's exhaustion. His belly was full of greasy, burnt coffee. He smoked cigarettes until his lungs burned as he walked to the main building.   Whatever it took to get him through the day.   Craig walked past security and into the meeting room, looked at Joseph, Ian and Helen, the other … Continue reading Adviser

Two Pages (30/09/16)

The two pages for Lawful Evil have kicked off the next crisis. It is about a slow reveal, the circumstances surrounding an event more than the event itself. I was tempted to have my protagonist force herself into the scene but it felt a little histrionic, so I went with delaying things a little bit. … Continue reading Two Pages (30/09/16)