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Two Pages (27/10/16)


I wrote another two pages of the new book this morning. Yesterday, I worked on the structure of it, using Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid so I know where the beats and obligatory scenes are. I also did quite a bit of reading for research purposes. It’s not historically accurate but I like to work in some nods to the culture, and where it doesn’t work, I just make it up. I’m aiming for plausibility rather than accuracy with this, atmosphere and also working in an entirely different setting without some of the touchstones that have informed earlier books.

Technology, essentially. Although, as Arthur C Clarke said, any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, so it’s all the same thing, just portrayed in different ways. The language I am using is different, still english, still hopefully in my voice but it’s meant to evoke different effects and another sort of atmosphere.  I am making overtures towards finishing off The Ogden Review, as we’re deep into the third act and it’s a bittersweet experience because I’ve enjoyed writing them.

I finished a couple of books yesterday in addition to the research material, Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, which was gorgeous and moving, Matthew Quick’s The Silver Linings Playbook, which was a different experience on the page versus the (very enjoyable) film, which is always present with adaptations. I also finished Spark by John Twelve Hawks and Night Music by John Connolly. I also took a lovely long walk with the dog as well, went out into the marshes and just took everything in.

Thank you for reading.



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Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 05/02/2015

So, another two pages done and it’s continuing to attempt to capture the sprawling chaos of a public altercation where you’re trying to stop it from happening but there are other people who are really keen to take it to the next level of aggression.

It’s a good metaphor for some of the underlying themes that I’ve seen but am saving for a more detailed look when I have finished this and then come back to it for the second stage.

It’s been interesting this time out, and through a number of disparate events and conversations, it feels like a new stage in my development. I say this and most of you haven’t read anything other than my poetry or the development/progress diaries.

With the poetry, I am considering self publishing a collection of them, would any of you be interested or intrigued if I put one out? I know that more people appreciate kitten videos than poetry but poetry is important and empowering. It allows for an expression of the self that resonates quickly.

It’s also the restlessness of doing a lot of work but not having anything to show people for it. Christ knows, none of us got in this to get rich. I’d go back to prostitution in a heartbeat, but I put on weight when I stopped smoking so no one’s in the market for that at the moment.

Also, the poems yesterday were really well received and thank you to all of you who liked and reblogged. Hello new people, make yourself welcome and have a snoot around. The recordings of my reading are popular with some and there’s poetry and writing tutorials as well as the diary of the second book The Wounds She Wanted and this serves as the diary for Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere, my third.

I’m the best kept secret on the internet, yo.

Appropos of nothing, regardless of it’s quality, seeing 50 Shades of Grey adverts on the bus that drove past me was surreal. I think it will be a pyrrhic victory, enjoyed by it’s adherents and detractors alike. It’s problematic for a lot of reasons and I don’t think that it will enhance the careers of anyone involved in it’s creation. However it will generate massive amounts of publicity/box office and convince people that it’s a healthy example of a BDSM relationship and a good melodrama.  If people enjoy it, then that’s the main thing. There’s lots of things I don’t get but that’s cool. We’re all different.



Personal Message

If I’ve not said so,

Thank you for following me. I’m not affecting an air of self consciousness, but I genuinely appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and like anything I post here. There’s such a breadth and depth of vision here that inspires me to drag myself to the chair and write. Not only the books but to ensure that I blog about it afterwards, so as to keep me motivated and also to share what I’ve learned in hindsight. I read back and sometimes I’ve written about what I’ve learned, and then use it to refine the process.

Thank you for sharing with me your art and your emotions. I’ve been moved, amused and aroused by art on here. I’ve seldom come across anyone objectionable because there’s a sense of community here that has eluded me with other social media.


What Brings You

I’m interested in what led you to the blog and why you followed?

I know what I like to write about and it’s fairly specific but I like to know what you think.  I know my general deliciousness is a factor but I don’t like to depend on it 😉

Please feel free to leave comments. 



I’m gentlemanly in most things but I have a few preferences in terms of my boundaries on here.

1. Engage with me by all means but if your comment is ‘please follow my blog’. It’s a misstep and doesn’t endear me. I’ve done it and it’s sourced in a naive enthusiasm but it’s not that effective.  Talk to me and engage.

2. That’s it. I like talking on here so you’re welcome to ask questions or make comments. Even a ‘this sucks’ is cool if you can elaborate on the opinion. 

3. I also take requests.

This is an ongoing conversation here.  Think of it as space like a party or a dinner.  It’s showing one another courtesy and respect for our differences whilst also acknowledge that no matter how many of us there are, there is only one.



Does anyone reblog on here?  Just curious.


The Inevitable Ecstasy Of The Universe

Tomorrow I start work on the new book.  I did consider posting video here but apparently I need to upgrade and I might investigate a YouTube channel to that end and I am still debating a pod cast as an avenue of discussion.
Also,  new followers,  hello and thank you.  Old followers,  don’t worry I still love you and treasure what we have. 


What Drew You Here?

Why did you follow me and what do you enjoy about the posts?  I’m interested in your thoughts and opinions so please post below.