Morning Forest

Hear me breathe Before the day begins Amidst a sea of mingled Heat I reach for you In a primal silence What winter stars Watch us move over One another How moist and engaging You are as my hands find you Move you to where you Need Want me the most Inside you as your … Continue reading Morning Forest

the arc of ascent

( Debbie drove out of the parking lot once her working day was done. On Wednesday nights, she would drive straight from work to the airport. There were nights that required a little more space, a little more dark and once the novelty of sitting in the airport wore off, if it ever really did, … Continue reading the arc of ascent


I tend to you As though you were a Garden My nose to your petals The sweet juice of you On my lips My fingers At play At work Within your soil Uprooting the choking Weeds of your anxiety to allow Fresh growth Here in all weathers I watch you bloom I define and guard … Continue reading Garden

M B Blissett : Mixtape Here is a complete collection of my spoken word material to date. There are episodes of Sir 2.0 on there as well the poetry. Please like and comment as I appreciate your feedback.