An amusement park Yet It’s always closed For renovation To him Who else has had the pleasure Of experiencing every single Diversion here? Lips frosted with pink sugar Taste but here, how he sweeps the floor, Tighten the bolts on the tracks, Pour soothing sawdust on sour puddles, And yes there is depth of valueContinue reading “Caretaker”

The Value of Archetypes

(In which I rant about storytelling, immature art and editing. If this isn’t interesting, then skip it because I won’t be mad) SPOILERS BELOW FOR LOTS OF SHOWS AND MOVIES. Anyone else feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the state of big entertainment? A vague sense of betrayal and frustration? Now, this goes into the weeds aContinue reading “The Value of Archetypes”

Kisses As prayers

Damp from the rain outside And dirt under my nails Hands shaking with fatigue And there you are Bare to me Excuse the rough way I look at you I’m elegant hunger Except sometimes the sight of you Overpowers me Take you and pin down This writhing hunger within Because I’m supposed to be aContinue reading “Kisses As prayers”

Open Letters To Old Friends

Scrape away the how are yous I miss you Because there are a million shitty takes And awesome things Which I still want to turn around and share with you, And sometimes taunting that hunger Sours the blood Without being destroyed by it Because I don’t want to embarrass you, With my boyish earnestness, OrContinue reading “Open Letters To Old Friends”

Small cup of quiet

Somewhere a bird sings And I’ve found a small cup of quiet Going to drink it Slow wake up call to my soul Pages written and now it’s not Affectation knowing it will walk a Path into the world Lover asleep Walk the dog Things to do Used to resent it But I’m working onContinue reading “Small cup of quiet”

Solidly Off The Internet

As I’m now a creator, more of my time is spent developing projects and executing them. This takes time and attention away from the more immediate work which forms part of the blog content. So I’m not interacting as before, due to a desire to write better books. Project Laughing Boy is waiting for anContinue reading “Solidly Off The Internet”


I’ve finished Project Crash in longhand and have sent the next book to my editor. So I’m now venturing back into the wild man and asra stories with a new book. It’s a matter of time, but more work is coming. My book Until She Sings is out now. Ebook: Until She Sings Paperback:Continue reading “Update”