Forests Speak Slow

(An excerpt from a forthcoming book) Ron looked up at the branches as they waved in the breeze. One thing he noticed was the slight differences in climate and temperature, the sense of a unique environment against the rest of the surrounding territory. It was cooler as they went further in, and beneath his bare … Continue reading Forests Speak Slow


Animal Vs Angel

When the black eyed angel folds it's wings Around me, I would tear them, Root and stem Unmanned, and in my divine rage Dash it's ugly skull into the concrete It is not an action fuelled by violence In the palace of my skull Wanders an animal And it knows not love nor hate But … Continue reading Animal Vs Angel

Ghosts of Celluloid

He sits at the back of the theatre Recalls how it was all new Once No colour, no computer generated effects Not even sound. He looks at people hunched over their phones. People move so much faster He doesn't get why people Wear their hair the way that They do Why the news is always … Continue reading Ghosts of Celluloid

Alchemy of Time

Solitude is a balm Better than loneliness My own company Has developed into a fine State of affairs Ushered into being By the bold cloak Of purpose If I am to be apart Then it is not such A bad thing To watch change in Silence As I experience it The grand alchemy of A … Continue reading Alchemy of Time

I love Kurt Vonnegut, he understood, as great writers do, how pathetic and fantastic we are in equal measure. He said a lot of great and lovely things.

Wisdom From Cracked

Wisdom From CrackedI see lots of people writing the apocalypse novel and I don't doubt that it is an interesting subject. Probably a little overexposed culturally, and for my preference, I am more interested in the quiet apocalypse that some of us experience. The ones that we start, and finish whilst the world goes on … Continue reading Wisdom From Cracked