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Ghosts of Celluloid

He sits at the back of the theatre

Recalls how it was all new


No colour, no computer generated effects

Not even sound.

He looks at people hunched over their phones.

People move so much faster

He doesn’t get why people

Wear their hair the way that

They do

Why the news is always bad

He knows that the day he wakes up

Without pain

Will be when he’s dead.

Stopping to make conversation

But there’s no time for that

People too busy

He looks out

Wishes not that he could go back

He treasures every precious mistake

Nor does he seek to disappear

No, what he asks for,

As the music swells

Is that things slow down

To the point

That we could all stop

See one another

And start to talk

She moves from the screen

From a time before

The world broke her spirit

Her lips press against his cheek

Not caring that his hands shook

Too much to shave

His chest grows tight

And he follows her

Leaving everything behind

Missing every frustrated second

As he lets the world go on

Without him.


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Alchemy of Time

Solitude is a balm

Better than loneliness

My own company

Has developed into a fine

State of affairs

Ushered into being

By the bold cloak

Of purpose

If I am to be apart

Then it is not such

A bad thing

To watch change in


As I experience it

The grand alchemy of

A heart, a mind

A soul

Burnished and toughened

By experience

And contemplation

But oh how a warm hand

A beautiful smile

Still sets me aflame

To forever chase

A capture of that which

Is intangible

Yet a beauty without argument


I love Kurt Vonnegut, he understood, as great writers do, how pathetic and fantastic we are in equal measure. He said a lot of great and lovely things.


Wisdom From Cracked

Wisdom From Cracked

I see lots of people writing the apocalypse novel and I don’t doubt that it is an interesting subject. Probably a little overexposed culturally, and for my preference, I am more interested in the quiet apocalypse that some of us experience. The ones that we start, and finish whilst the world goes on without us. This made me chuckle and I wanted to share it with you. 


Wisdom from Austin Kleon.


Introduction and Explanation

Although I am deep into the wilderness of my second book, I wanted to have somewhere that I could talk about my experiences as a man. I have suffered from a lack of maturity in my past, and I work to overcome those through experience and reflection. I don’t write about these as a reaction or a rejection of women, only a celebration of where I have succeeded and a meditation on where I have failed.  I have failed more than I have succeeded, but within that, I have found valuable lessons and although I have been wounded, it’s in those wounds that I hope my redemption lies. Redemption sounds a weighty word, but I am trying to be a good, integrated masculine man. Not a passive aggressive wimp or a rampaging alpha but something that speaks to a higher path. I also want to talk about the things that work for me, tools and ideas that I pick up from smarter and more capable men and women, that I have used to inform myself. I’m not an expert but I am passionate about these things and I wanted somewhere to collect these thoughts for my own information. Not sure if I will share any of these as such, still just going to enjoy having somewhere that I can talk honestly and openly without challenge or fear of recrimination.