No place, but here,

Stood savage yet gentle, Rooted, yet there is motion Come forward, Remove yourself from the mind The ceaseless quest of knowledge, Building defences against the unseen and insane, Within Without All the same, Place your palm Against the rough bark of My trunk Listen Shelter is here For you and your world of thought My … Continue reading No place, but here,


A forest fire

I'm a forest fire Dead wood burning. Away and swimming skywards Each leaf Each branch sings Memento Mori My lungs packed With the tar of my Sins Until visions bloom And I see my animal Coalesce from smoke Flame. On hind legs It roars and crackles, It tells me to breathe Deep and keep moving. … Continue reading A forest fire

Happy Flowers

( Sonya had parked outside Happy Flowers Retirement Village with the air conditioning on full. The dimensions of the hire car had been designed to knock and bash her at every mile of the trip. Her knees and lower back throbbed with discomfort. In her head, she wrestled with the frustrations of duty, manifesting as … Continue reading Happy Flowers