To Sail A Sea Of Glass   Markus activated the heads up display on the inside of the suit. Information bloomed before his eyes like flowers of light and mathematics.   He was jumping from 62 miles above the ocean surrounding Arcadia. Going through the ocean was impossible as it was studded with banks of intelligent coral and patrolled by … Continue reading To Sail A Sea Of Glass


The Memory of Water

( We slammed down to the surface inside a sphere filled with suspension fluid that tastes of the memory of vodka. We breathed it in, letting the physics of fluid keep us in one piece. Lena gave me a thumbs up as she unclipped her harness and swam towards me. She massaged the spot on … Continue reading The Memory of Water

After The Storm, A Dream

( The storm had passed, but he still felt the aftereffects in the pit of his stomach. He drained the last of his wine, revelling in how the fruity, rich red wine quenched his thirst and ran into his beard. He wrapped his furs around his shoulders, stared out at the ocean, in awe at … Continue reading After The Storm, A Dream


In the shower As the water cascades That is how I will Touch you Droplets Warm and wet Every pore Worshipped I will give you new skin To feel Slow damp burning From scalp to sole I ache for want of it Opening you Pulling Stroking On my knees Behind In front of you No … Continue reading Shower