Two Pages (12/10/16)

Between scenes in Lawful Evil, I enjoy taking breaths on the page, respites from the tension that I have built and I look to avoid taking away from that entirely. It also allows me to show the changes in the characters as the story has continued. If your characters have not fundamentally changed by the … Continue reading Two Pages (12/10/16)

Science by Warren Ellis

SCIENCE I can’t help but approach science and history from the standpoint of language.  Because I’m a writer, sure, but also because that’s where those things truly live.  Science can produce the greatest poetry of the age.  Even headline writing at otherwise sober institutions take on mad poetry, just because that’s the way things are … Continue reading Science by Warren Ellis

Behave like gods

We are as gods on our little rock in the vast bleak cosmos and it’s way past time we started getting good at that instead of just posing on Olympus and photoshopping our zits out. The future is more than an Instagram filter. Warren Ellis.  Cunning Talks

Writer’s Block.

Suffering a creative block may simply mean that the thing you’re focussed on working on just isn’t ready to be worked on yet. Do something else. Write some letters/emails and trick yourself into writing a tumblr post or something afterwards. Make a meal you’ve never made before. Make a mixtape or whatever your preferred digital … Continue reading Writer’s Block.

Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

I'm a massive fan of Ellis, I've met him and been a follower of his comic books and online work. That he's written two books is a joy and inspiration to me. I finished Gun Machine in a day and a half. It's a terse informative thriller that's awash with interesting ideas and scenes of … Continue reading Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

Five Books That Changed My Life.

I am a regular reader of Warren Ellis' Morning Computer microblog and he posted a fascinating piece about five books that changed his life. Here are mine.   1. Stephen King, Night Shift. His first collection of short stories, the first adult book that I managed to borrow thanks to a particularly liberal librarian. I … Continue reading Five Books That Changed My Life.