A Heart’s Nexum

He sat in the coffee shop, nursing an oversized black coffee with a medicinal dash of cinnamon, fingertips straying to pet his unkempt, winter growth beard as he wrote in longhand, pen caressing the thick, yellowing pages of the journal. He peered over his spectacles and stopped writing each time the doorbell chimes to announceContinue reading “A Heart’s Nexum”

Director’s Cut

His eyes were heavy lidded, the patches of beard, flecked with silver and his hair was a clotted lump atop his head. The single bulb overhead draped his face in unflattering shadows. ‘I’m sorry. I’m a repulsive human being.’ He lifted the gun to his head and cocked the hammer on the revolver. The impactContinue reading “Director’s Cut”

Captain Garrett’s Voyage

Alexandra Garrett, Captain of the dread ship Fish Tailed Bitch put her hands to her head as it throbbed like an abscess. She heard her first mate Oliver whispering her name. She moved onto her side and rasped for him to bring her chamber pot to her.   Oliver held it so she could vomitContinue reading “Captain Garrett’s Voyage”

Black Eyed Angel, Smile With Me

My mother gave me an indirect, covert education. Our lessons were conducted in the wan light of country afternoon and the velveteen absence of light in her darkroom. Her photography bore the odd angles and blurred sun dogs of the enthusiastic amateur but she worked at it with a dogged focus that lent our livesContinue reading “Black Eyed Angel, Smile With Me”

A Brisk Walk To Clear The Head

Bette took off from the house at a brisk pace, headphones on and trying not to force herself to go back and see what was up with Kelly, trusting that Dave could handle things.   The woods invited her in and she came to them. Her heart pounded with excitement. She looked over her shoulder,Continue reading “A Brisk Walk To Clear The Head”

Like The Waves

(http://deepcoldwater.deviantart.com/art/Prelude-669736544) I have stayed close. The smell of salt is in everything. I sleep with the muted roar of the ocean in my ears. You sent me here. My first reaction was disgust. Their lives, their politics corrupted the water we breathed. I was your instrument of vengeance, burdened with purpose as I strode ashore.Continue reading “Like The Waves”

5 Voices

(http://www.deviantart.com/art/Bird-of-Ill-Omen-671706447)   ‘We’ve been on earth all these years and we still don’t know for certain why birds sing.’ Annie Dillard, Pilgrim At Tinker Creek. Their songs are strongest at dawn. They appreciate each day, compelled to displays of delight common to the devout or the drunk. My work invites my attendance, but it isContinue reading “5 Voices”

A Game of Green and Yellow

The birds sing me awake, their cries loud enough to drown out my dreams. I wind the surrounding sheets, still bearing the musk of my skin, stale and dry these days. It is a talisman against the wet, greasy decay of what hunts me. I hear it breathing – the pop and crackle of riceContinue reading “A Game of Green and Yellow”

Excerpt From A Magician’s Guide To Great Yarmouth.

Elder Green was named after the ritual banishment of the ancient god Nyarlathotep, the climax of a long and bloody secret rivalry between two covens of witches, funded by political parties in the late 80’s. The banishment itself led to the destruction of both covens and the renaming of the estate serves as a warning.Continue reading “Excerpt From A Magician’s Guide To Great Yarmouth.”

The Primitive Approach

(http://uberfischer.deviantart.com/art/Blowin-in-the-Wind-158828976 Barry checked his reflection in the scarred perspex that protected the advertisement on the side of the bus shelter. The model, with his sculptured abdominals and thick, defined pectorals was hairless aside from a manicured beard and his hair was in that style that Barry associated with photos of his grandfather during the war.Continue reading “The Primitive Approach”