This morning's pages went deep into the supernatural/spiritual element of the book. It also allowed me to do a small measure of foreshadowing and make some connection to events that will pay off later in the book. There was a great degree of poetic license, sensory information and I aimed to capture the emotional power … Continue reading

Americosis, Vol 1 by Haydn Wilks

Haydn Wilks has tapped into a breathless, coruscating stream of creative energy with Americosis. In Volume 1, we see an America that is heightened and elevated to a carnival glass temple to narcissism, ambition and seen with a gentility and a knowing sense of humour in addition to a sense of scale and an inventiveness … Continue reading Americosis, Vol 1 by Haydn Wilks

Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon

With this, the second book I've read of his, my understanding is that this represents a more concise, less hefty portion of his work. There's a strain of literary masochism sometimes in reference to his sprawling dense works like Gravity's Rainbow, in that boasting about having read them is akin to bro boasts about how … Continue reading Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon