Ghosts of Celluloid

He sits at the back of the theatre Recalls how it was all new Once No colour, no computer generated effects Not even sound. He looks at people hunched over their phones. People move so much faster He doesn't get why people Wear their hair the way that They do Why the news is always … Continue reading Ghosts of Celluloid


Random Observations

I've been thinking about writing a play. Having seen film adaptations of Tracy Letts' work I like the possibility of doing it.  Certainly there's a thrill to live theatre in that there's an element of risk to it. Being the soil for such a moment has its appeal but I wouldn't be casual about it … Continue reading Random Observations

Taming of the shrew

There's a lovely series of documentaries with notable actors discussing their favourite Shakespeare plays.  Morgan Freeman has chosen Taming of the shrew as his.  It's an interesting choice and I found value in it's ambiguities and openness of interpretation.  Kate is a sensuous and passionate character who resists the controlling of her unless it's on … Continue reading Taming of the shrew