Silence,I’m Watching Television

Game of Thrones - season 7, episode 1. I have been thinking about my youth and how I was mocked for my love of comics and pop culture, pilgrimages to Norwich and Abstract Sprocket (where i had a pull list every month), permanent residence in the fantasy, science fiction and horror sections of the library. … Continue reading Silence,I’m Watching Television



BOOK OF 2016: I read a lot, and of the books I've read that have been released this year, there are two that I felt warranted particular mention. THE FIREMAN by JOE HILL. I have this on audiobook and on the Kindle. Joe Hill has been a writer whose work I will always gravitate towards. … Continue reading 2016: BOOKS, TV AND MOVIES

Terry Wogan   Terry Wogan doing the Eurovision Song Contest remained one of the comedic highlights of what was otherwise blood-freezingly awful television, especially in the later years when the block voting and nepotism inspired a sarcasm and disbelief that was hidden behind an impeccably smooth and professional delivery. This was one of the best interviews … Continue reading Terry Wogan

Silence,I’m Watching Televison

Jessica Jones - It's much better than Daredevil because it's obligations to continuity are slight, so it's allowed to tell a story that's ostensibly about obsession, autonomy, guilt and grief. It also has some bits that made me cringe a little but it's all written and performed with so much energy and sincerity that it … Continue reading Silence,I’m Watching Televison

Silence, I’m watching television

The Sacrament A mockumentary that captures a raw unease and sense of dread whilst using a spare almost dogme approach.  It tells of a visit to a religious commune isolated by choice and the resulting tragedy.  Orange is the new black I love this show.  Humane,  funny and with a good edge to it.  It's … Continue reading Silence, I’m watching television

Silence, I’m Watching Television

The teaser trailer for season 2 of True Detective has gone up online, the fifth season of Game of Thrones starts on Monday here in the UK, The Walking Dead has finished with a bit of a whimper and Better Call Saul has just concluded. OK, so I'll start this off. I've read all the … Continue reading Silence, I’m Watching Television