51R U 83L0NG 2 51R A novel from M B Blissett. A woman enters into a virtual world to realise her darkest fantasies and falls in love with the man responsible for bringing them to life, pitting her against the rules of the world she has entered. Coming soon from L&MB Press.  


black marketing

he works in something not marketing (but marketing) a series of acronyms which make my head hurt but he's engaging On the verge of laughing at an inappropriate Joke Black marketing So when someone sticks razor blades Into Halloween apples It sells the season, the right mix of cute and creepy, Market penetration Saying it … Continue reading black marketing

The Chorus

  The Chorus   Purity Clause   Thomas had his eyes closed and a wry smile alive on his lips. He heard the chirp of birdsong and the muted tones of the city in the distance. He wrote the script and sent it the studio and in before the deadline so he was taking a … Continue reading The Chorus


Chris smirked at her lawyer as the jury filed back into the courtroom. She loomed over Harvey, her court appointed attorney as her soft bulk spilled over the sides of the chairs and she scribbled on the pad in front of her with such intensity that the pen broke through the surface of the paper. … Continue reading Blocked