https://soundcloud.com/matt-blissett/diving My touch, Slow as time’s passing Curiosity informing the tools Of moistened, agile tongue Saliva slick fingertips So even the friction Feels like warm gold sliding Down the inside of your thighs Diving beneath the surface The golden lakes of our flesh Held in one another’s mouths Small stabs of pleasure Building until we … Continue reading Diving


Like a key

Give yourself Permission To play the game Of testing me Until seduction Becomes a need Like a key turning My heart opens With a raw surge That makes my fingers Bite into your skin To show you My passion until it Shakes the earth And the restraint as I tease Out of you the same … Continue reading Like a key


I feed the velvet Darkness in you Until you Open and the light Comes in From everywhere A muscular touch Cousin to aggression But more deft in exploration A predator stillness As each rasp of my tongue Draws you out Straining against the Bonds.  A delighted prisoner Free to speak in, to Tongues of rapture … Continue reading Endeavour