Sir 2.0 Episode 3

You inhale the oils in the water, carried across from the steam. You can no longer hear the ambient murmurs of the audience. A quiet relief blunts your discomfort to a degree where it becomes part of the burgeoning arousal within you. Your acceptance has unlocked the first stirrings of a wild, terrible power within you. Your … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 3


Sir 2.0 Episode 1: Processing.

Episode 1 is here  You awoke in nothing but a hospital gown. Blue cotton, soft on your skin. It is dark when you hear the door open and a hand touches your shoulder, rousing you from a blank, dreamless sleep. 'Time to get up.' The voice is smooth, assured and you strain your eyes to see … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 1: Processing.

Guided By My Voice

Guided by my voice Held within space Where I am Held to command Come Set aside thought Push the door closed Wonder at how  Feeling Washes over you Now Learn what pleasures Surrender to me Will offer In a space Where only you And I  Exist

The Subtle Pleasures

The  Subtle pleasures Made manifest Now, you come to me Vibrating with the need to  Provide your surrender Raging with the need to feel guided Your deepest nature, I am gentle in nurturing Desire is your truest, most beautiful self

As you walk across the room

The sight of you In motion Giving voice To the divine Feminine Calling through The bland cream of Culture To the primal masculine Stripping me of empty Words filling the void With animal laughter The curves Draw out the divine drug Of lust and like the lupine tides Of full moon I change in Your … Continue reading As you walk across the room

to snuff out stars

Here we are The door closes And we are upon one another Handled with the knowledge Not that you will not break But you want to be broken Dashed apart by the unyielding Strength of my will Tethered to a snarling passion That is chained by propriety Clothes are an insult To the moment and … Continue reading to snuff out stars