Advance Reviews of Laughing Boy

“Would you like an advance review copy of my book, for free?” If people want the book, they have to agree to post an (honest, genuine, sincere) review of it on Amazon within 48 hours of the book launching. There’s nothing spammy there. I may get some negative reviews as well as some positive ones. … Continue reading Advance Reviews of Laughing Boy

An Acceptance Of Pain

Staying awake all night used to feel like victory. In my youth, I greeted the dawn with a clenched fist or a middle finger, awash in triumph. For a time, at least. It went away. Hemingway had the right of it, about being stronger in the broken places. Its terse machismo kept me going even … Continue reading An Acceptance Of Pain


'Hello, is that repairs?' A wavering, shy voice. Elderly. The kind who attempts to make conversation with strangers because it's worth the risk to alleviate the crippling loneliness. They're awkward or lovely, ghosts in dying skin who apologise for having something break down in their properties, or vicious isolated assholes who never pause to think … Continue reading WAIT FOR THE NEXT CALL

The Bridge At Otter Creek

Justin was barking into his phone as he took the corner at speed, and when he caught a glimpse of his face in the rear view mirror, he was shocked at how angry he looked. He had spent the entire drive back from the city seething at how badly the deal had gone. Right now, … Continue reading The Bridge At Otter Creek

Project Laughter 19/08/2015

The pages went well this morning.  I enjoy the scenes between Penny and Tom because there's a loving acerbicity between them and having dramatised what brought them to that point, I understand them better. So here is where I start to bring Penny into the stream of the awful things that have been happening.  I've … Continue reading Project Laughter 19/08/2015