I try To say what hurts But you tell me What I meant And it's not What I meant So we sit In the dark And when you find our Bodies You pretend you did what You could Because if no one listens Then we will find solutions Which are permanent To temporary problems Solved … Continue reading Silence

Out With A Bang

It took a lot more planning than Sergei anticipated. He could get large amounts of h, coke, mdma, weed with a phone call but this stuff necessitated a little more care than normal. The girls took less time to arrange, one phone call and a card payment that he was gently assured would be billed … Continue reading Out With A Bang

On The Bridge.

Benny┬ákept looking at the ground, how small the trees were from up here. The wind was loud, roaring like something angry and feral. He gripped the rail and looked around him. It was quiet here, high and cold and lonely. He figured that it was better than being found by anyone. He took a deep … Continue reading On The Bridge.

Until Spring

Paula stared through the window as her dad drove them across the state. He kept up a constant stream of bland jokes and observations, desperate for a smile or even a sigh of exasperation. Nothing. His baby girl was as impassive as a terracotta warrior. The heat hadn't helped, the final assault of a summer … Continue reading Until Spring

The courage to leave, the courage to stay

I'm familiar With the central questions The answers seem plausible When the alternative appears to be An acceptance of eternal torment Everyone's advice sounds like A screeching mechanical sound When you're the malfunction Unsentimental Unaffected It all makes sense In the moment An end to the cosy tyranny The intimate horrors of eyes That see … Continue reading The courage to leave, the courage to stay