Ask me

Liberated by the gift of Submission As rich as velvet My harsh Hard touch Finds you Soft Wet Open to me My eyes appear Cold but You can feel The hunger In my fingers Using you Demanding the Tribute Of your pleasure But even as I Tease that sweet fire I whisper That you must … Continue reading Ask me


Birds in flight

The hurt Sourced in love Clothed in discipline We live in an Age where we Witness Rather than participate And you My sweet,  are aching To play To feel my fingers Pull your hair To see yourself Tested Until the sweat runs Down your thighs Knowing as rough As far as things might go A … Continue reading Birds in flight

Warm Machine

Arching your back As the ropes hold you still Here, no outcome Other than the quiet joy Of exploration The rumbling swish of A drawer being opened As you ask me what I have planned. You hear the hum Before you feel it Tracing careful paths Along your skin Your bones spread rumours That make you … Continue reading Warm Machine


Arms above Your Head Rope Coiled around Your wrists An ocean In your eyes The damp gleam Where your thighs Clenching together From an excitement As unbidden Your heartbeat Sent into calm blue thoughts Safe and warm Free to speak In the language of want Without hesitation Telling me What you want How the bites … Continue reading Birdsong

(We Play With Serious Faces)

My fingers in your hair, A hard pull in my direction Your breath, relief and excitement Like a drug As your eyes grow wide The slap then the sting in my palm The sign that it's been done right As your skin flushes from pale to pink to red Disobey me, fight me so that … Continue reading (We Play With Serious Faces)

Leading You

How you change Your breath coming quick As I unbutton my sleeves Eyes wide in the dark Eager for instructions Testing yourself in quiet Fundamental ways To be led Gently,  carefully to the dark side Of yourself And shown How beautiful Acceptance feels The crack of my hand Rings like a bell