Most of what we buy and eat is crap. It is killing us, to exercise the choice of a world’s worth of processed cuisine. All of it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will never be a fat acceptance movement for men. There are people out there who are proud they … Continue reading Diet



My strength is not Solely in service To the movement Of things thought Immovable Or to break the Unbreakable No, let me show You how I can be gentle With it in its depths To open. Dive into the ocean of you Retrieve the treasure I saw From the first To engulf you with it … Continue reading Strength So often Tattered rags Costumes worn To uninvited parties Disguised as Flags Uniforms Nonsense spoken With solemn expressions Is not eloquence And there are those Who call for no Power from Fear of acknowledging Their own powerlessness But I have Found my dominion A battle within myself A purpose. A path The struggle Is … Continue reading

A Bridge For The Furies: 3

Drea looked up at the sky, the kind of blue that you only see on cars and decided that this was all John's fault. They had just come off another win, by a rear naked choke in the second round against Jodie Innson, a scrappy Australian who threw a left hand from god and never went … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: 3

Animal Vs Angel

When the black eyed angel folds it's wings Around me, I would tear them, Root and stem Unmanned, and in my divine rage Dash it's ugly skull into the concrete It is not an action fuelled by violence In the palace of my skull Wanders an animal And it knows not love nor hate But … Continue reading Animal Vs Angel