My appearance on HorrorScreams

It was a polite, enthusiastic and engaging conversation with two very smart and informed people. If you're in the UK, it is free on Spotify to listen to.

Two Pages (04/10/16)

It was a good two pages this morning. I'm always wary of these scenes, they're important and I try to balance the need for pace and information with the tenets of solid writing. The one applied to this morning was that if you have two characters talking, they should not tell one another things that … Continue reading Two Pages (04/10/16)


Joyland by Stephen King

'M B Blissett is reviewing another of my books. God, that's beautiful.' Synopsis: After realizing his romantic life is not going in the direction he'd hoped, Devin Jones decides to take a summer job at an amusement park. There he makes friends with Tom Kennedy and Erin Cook, also summer hires at Joyland, which years … Continue reading Joyland by Stephen King

Revival by Stephen King

By all the laws of averages, he should be slowing down, shouldn't he? He could phone in tie ins and even lamely pursue trends but fucking hell, King is still throwing knock out punches. Revival tells of the relationship between Jamie Norton and Charles Jacobs who first meet when Norton is six and Jacobs a … Continue reading Revival by Stephen King

Duma Key by Stephen King

This is one of the few books of his that I had not read until recently. I'm not a completist but at the time, there were other books that I wanted to read more so now that Duma Key came to my attention, it was interesting to go into this without prior knowledge of it. … Continue reading Duma Key by Stephen King