Drunk On You

Kneel down I want to drink you In with my eyes Every light burning So even shadows Can't hide the sight Of you from me   I wrestle with you Tickling not to hurt Or shame but because I was drunk on you From the first word And being sober about you Seldom leads anywhere … Continue reading Drunk On You


Wear Your Myth As Armour.

Brother Put aside the false War between Head Heart That depth of feeling You thought you put away Alongside childish things Find your own myth Because being told That you're a rapist In waiting Too heavy a burden Be a knight A magician You can save The world, brother Be a lover that sweeps Up … Continue reading Wear Your Myth As Armour.

On Sex And Other Thoughts.

It is OK that you choose to be a vegetarian but you should not believe that just because you did so bacon stops smelling good. Dr Christopher Ryan http://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_ryan_are_we_designed_to_be_sexual_omnivores?language=en The first three books, aside from a detour in metafiction about a superhero team in the sixties have been about relationships. I come from a focus … Continue reading On Sex And Other Thoughts.

Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood

Your voice Is a wave of warmth I feel wash over me Every muscle Eased in the deluge I wish to wake you To your own divinity Wrapped around me Giving yourself over As I work you Until you speak In a language of whispers Pleaded entreaties I find my quiet animal In the glaze that you … Continue reading Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood

A Walk With No Destination

I walk Duke for miles, getting out away from traffic and housing, into the countryside as far as I can. I like the relative quiet of nature, it's where I go to figure things out. A lot of people define themselves by what they're opposed to. I watch with equanimity at the arguments and provocations … Continue reading A Walk With No Destination