May Your Coffee Be Stronger Than Your Students I've updated the range of journals and planners, with funky coffee-themed covers and a useful basis to plan out your teaching day. If there is a teacher in your life, or you are one, have a look.

Welcome once again

The website has been updated with new sections and a cleaner look. Please have a look around, I'm really proud of it. Thanks to Reece for such fantastic work.

Watching The Audience

In conversation with a good friend, and what came up was a question which was worth asking: What stops you from supporting my work? Or engaging with me on here? It sounds awful doesn't it? However, in my defence, a writer wants to be read. If you're a parent, it relates to that combination of … Continue reading Watching The Audience


Sometimes, these things matter, sometimes they don't. However, I've now got 1300 of you who have subscribed or are following my website. THANK YOU SO MUCH It's a great feeling to have work to share with you all that you can purchase, so having cast aside the title of aspiring, and then just writing, now … Continue reading 1300

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