Just Like A Pill

Pooh, Tate's cousin sat in the oversized chair lighting cooking matches and dropping them into the glass of beer. He glared at Tate and I sat on the couch, tried to look small. He kept the roll of notes turning in his hand, flexing his fingers as he fought the nerves, chemical and real that … Continue reading Just Like A Pill

The Devil Went Down To Pensacola

What offended Lou most about the protest was it's lack of taste. The signs were written in black, bold fonts on neon and hot pink pieces of card glued to lengths of wood. Some earnest art project gone horribly wrong.  He stood and watched them with his forehead furrowed in amusement, smoking and smirking to himself. … Continue reading The Devil Went Down To Pensacola

To Live

Daryl rolled the pair of twenty-sided dice and looked up over the top of the cardboard screen. 'It misses you.' Leanne cheered and checked her character sheet before she picked up her pencil and pointed it at him. 'I cast a fireball at the troll.' She rolled, frowned. 'I roll 60. Is that a hit?' … Continue reading To Live


Fiona fixed Susan with a smile that held the appearance of warmth. Susan saw that although her cheek muscles contracted,  her eyes remained impassive.  Despite the honey that she exuded from voice and demeanour, it was tainted with a drop of poison. The kind that stole up on you,  respiratory difficulties and no trace to … Continue reading Armistice

Pebble Bay

  He walked up two flights of stairs at a healthy trot. Unlocked his door, undid the padlock and went inside. She sat at his table, her grin revealing a small gap between her two front teeth, luminous blue eyes and hair falling around her face in rough bundled knots. The kind of hair a … Continue reading Pebble Bay

Boys Games

Debra walked through town, struggling with bags of shopping past the pub on the corner. Her sign that she was nearly home. There used to be a group of lads outside, smoking and ribbing one another but it had been closed for about a week now. Another small hole poked in the fabric of things. … Continue reading Boys Games