https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087D5FKMW/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_-J.REbV57FWKD Where desire meets technology and the result takes a woman into some interesting places within herself. I would appreciate your help in sharing this with your followers and fellow readers.

Sir – Black Mirror Meets Fifty Shades of Grey

https://mbblissett.com/sir/ My series of erotica (NSFW) which I remain proud of, and thought I would bring it to people's attention, especially with so many new subscribers here.

Sir 2.0 – the truth of actions

You cry out as he falls forwards.   Sir comes forward. The air is cold but you stand there, defiant and flushed with heat. You want to go to Daddy, but Sir blocks you. He sits in the wheelchair like a throne, leering up at you with amused disdain   'Quite a dramatic way to … Continue reading Sir 2.0 – the truth of actions


sir 2.0 a lead role in a cage

Previous episodes are here   The sirens shake you from sleep. You reach for the phone underneath your pillow in the dark, heart racing and mouth dry from panic. Guards enter the dormitory, unarmed but acting to a practiced directive. Daddy warned you something would happen, but he gave you no indication of when or … Continue reading sir 2.0 a lead role in a cage

Rough Magic (Sir 2.0)

Things fall apart by degrees. System errors and missed appointments. Despite the surveillance, the neurological conceits which form the Sir experience, it goes unnoticed by everyone. Except you. Daddy. Ingrid leaves. She gives you the remaining craft projects in a cloth bag, blunted needles and strands of wool scrambled together in a riot of colours … Continue reading Rough Magic (Sir 2.0)