1UP (Drabble)

She looked at him across the dancefloor. Plucking up the courage to say hello again. The lights are kind to everyone in here, but she still feels a small shame at how time has left its mark on her. She walks across the dancefloor. When he smiles at her, it's twenty years gone in an … Continue reading 1UP (Drabble)



Nathan and Felicity sat there, papers arranged with a surgical care and wearing identical expressions of smug, glacial triumph. Henry walked into the meeting and swore under his breath at the sight of them.   Felicity was the Director of Preventative Measures Against Gendered Violence, she was broad with wide, flat features. Her cats eye … Continue reading Dispositio

A Bridge For The Furies: Leviathan’s Church

The idea that an organisation might form to advance the cause(read appetite) of Leviathan would not surprise anyone, least of all Cara. There was something to all intelligent life that pulled towards destruction, no matter how enlightened they might otherwise be. It was an impulse that existed long before Leviathan, and if it were defeated, … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: Leviathan’s Church

Three Items Left

  Lauren had been listening to the radio all morning, waiting for the breaking news with a focus that lurched between panic and deep.bleak relief. Listening for the wail of sirens or the snap of gunfire. Sean and Jeff had reassured her that it would all be fine. Go in, get the money, then get out. … Continue reading Three Items Left

A Bridge For The Furies 5: Performance and Cocktails.

(This is a photograph of a bar designed by HR Giger. I know, right?) Previous episodes are here, here, here and here. Cara ushered them through a set of double doors into a small lounge, where chairs shaped like clam shells were arranged around rectangular tables. Which would not have attracted anyone's notice aside from … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies 5: Performance and Cocktails.

A Bridge For The Furies: 4.

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 'THE LEVIATHAN MAY HAVE NO ALTERNATIVE WITHIN THIS SPHERE BEYOND GROWTH AND FEBRILE AMBITION' Olivia stood there, looking up at the luminescent cloud that moved against the prevailing gravity with the liquid insistence of a jellyfish. Each time it spoke, it produced flashes of brilliant light that stripped … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: 4.