beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

A season

Soaking you up

Like sunlight,

Air shimmering

Like a halo

But the things I do

Will feel like falling,

Deliver yourself into

My hands

Do the things

Which are sacred and

Filthy at the same time

Laughing with lust,

These pocket collisions,

We survive every time

Delirious with it,

Beneath the masks of archetype,

Summoning all we’ve had

Stored away

The gleeful celebration mess,

I make of you,

The light you are

Has me growing taller


Enough to drape you

In comforting shadows

Come close

Summers pass

But I’m more than a season

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

For A Moment

There are blossoms

On the trees

A heat which matches

The temperature of

Want which seethes within me,

And the hours fly like

Birds until I cross your

Path, and the languid ease

Becomes something else,

Urgent, almost anxious,

To get as deep as I can

And still find it wanting,

Until we are shining with sweat,

Cling to me,

Free to be wanton in your


And the things I’ve whispered

About doing to you,

Become tangible acts,

The sight of you,

Strips me of shame,

And I fuck without

Fear or self consciousness,

And in not holding back,

If I leave bruises on your

Beautiful skin,

Consider them marks of


This heat within,

Maddening and wonderful,

Lends me a strength enough

To tear down


But you, you, you,

Make me gentle

For a moment.

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


You made yourself

Dizzy trying to

Outrun the feelings

No drink

No drug

Could wash it down


To one side

But I took

Your hand,

Listening to all

The things you’ve been

Led to believe,

About yourself

And when the rough

Warmth of my hand,

Fitted in yours

I came without agenda,

Taking care of you

Without burdening you

With the expectation

Of needing to save me

Someone who speaks

The languages you

Thought you’d need

To forget

But this languid fluency,

Makes you soft,

Slick and tingling

And as you fold

Origami perfection

Into my arms,

Speak your truth,

I find it all


What you say to me

What you say to me






beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


To be close,

Slow in the taking,

A thorough,gentle

Possession with my arms

Around you,

Limited motion but

Rough in the actions

I take,

All the birds silent,

Against the quiet tension,

I cannot get deep

Close enough,

A desire which tests

My limits of expression,

But look into my eyes,

Hear my voice,

Struggle against the strength

I take with a hunger past,

Anything you know,

Speaking to the primal

Beauty of you,

In a language made from

Kisses and bruises.

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Like water from fur

To make you quiver,

Like an animal shaking

Water from its fur,

Until the night flees

Before the force of us,



My hand at your throat

Claiming you completely,

Without apologies or


The force of my attention,

Given voice enough

To make you bellow,

With release,

A man to you,

Where it matters,

Animal fears and lusts,

Given voice with each


Broken and gushing,

Until your trembling

Questions hasten my

Release and I break


Explode like

Volcanic poetry,

Afterwards made tender,

Gentle for a time,

Until the shift of my

Desire compells me

To claim you once


beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

southern kiss

this southern kiss,


like a frog on a lilypad

trailing appoggioaturas

down your thighs

but to show you

the precision underlying the


means i speak to you there

and i am eloquent

speaking through my actions

to the hot, wet truth of you,

Broad strokes

The alchemy of this kiss,

Chasing away thought

Make you awash with feeling,

Rabelaisian yet a coadjutor,

Of primal authority,

To hold you down,

And call the divine feminine

From between your thighs,

To show you my

Passion through

Act over word,

But I speak to you

Kissing prayers until

You arise, sleek and wild,

A storm, a symphony,

Begging permission

Before I call you,

Into being


beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

One More

To say my name,

No, you know what

My true name is,

A series of markings


A sequence of vibrations,

You hear it in your

Heart like thunder,

Such a mean Daddy,

Even as you grow urgent,

Damp like spring awakening,

And I close the distance,

To show you the way,

My fingers in your mouth,

One more, baby girl,

One more.

I shall insist upon you,

Found either worthy

Or wanting,

And the latter is where

You will know

What mean really