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How it rains

It pools in me
And you feed it
With a smile
Entertaining a restraint
Which makes me ache
This energy
A slow breath
Fucking and exploding
Playful surgery
Feeling the spasms
Of you againstme
Like the air
Before a storm
And in my head
It rains
Oh god how

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Animal Burden

In the dark,

A whispered laugh,

At what an animal I am,

Using you to ascend to a peak of

Shuddering release

Nothing but appetite

And the promise of release

It was cold and dark outside,

Felt the soft warmth of you,

On an edge I couldn’t wait to leap from

Down into the blissful sky of myself

So, if I am an animal,

I accept the observation,

With all it entails

A sweet, feral burden

Which I impose upon you.


beauty, lust, poetry, sex, women

A fine pair of monsters

By moonlight,

I approach, smooth but determined,

Finding poetry in the scent of your skin

The way your flesh feels to my chill fingers

What sounds you make,

The contented murmurs of someone

Willing to be fed upon

But this is just a part

For in some ways,

I am formal and controlled,

Control and discipline to a deathless


But that same moon

Draws out the animal within

And it has such an appetite,

Rough paws pinning,

Wet nose and hot breath,

Fur teeming with perspiration

As it holds you down

Uses you over and over,

It knows you, and how best

You can be taken

To meet

To meat

So, here I am,

I shall love you as a vampire

Fuck you

As a werewolf

What a fine pair of


I make


beauty, lust, poetry, women

animal and goddess

Amidst the soft lulls in activity.

It still shudder with hunger,

Playful denials and something

Remains which is always light

Aware of how things shift

The well runs dry

No matter how compelling

The animal’s thirst

But it knows the cycles of the earth

Shifting within the faces of woman

Soon, the one which will draw forth

Moisture, supple and languid

Fevered Kali,

And the animal, supine with bliss

Stands upright,

Ready to lap her altar

With kisses.

beauty, love, poetry, sex, women

Secret Identity


Adds an edge

They go about our day

Mundane tasks

Things to do

Events waiting to emerge

Spill full glasses to the ground

But they feed something


Passing touches

They are anticipating the

Quiet reward for such diligence

Mild mannered until the

Day ends and they take off

Who they were

Become who they are

Glowing limbs

His long, rough fingers

Knotted in her hair

Imagine Batman and Wonder Woman

Fucking between the panels

All the power

Brought to the surface

Tensions celebrated

In playful percussive


Sinuously dancing

across warm, black sheets

The villains of inertia


Nothing was saved

Except themselves

But in the warm knot

They make of one another

All is restored

beauty, love, poetry, sex, women

As Your Body Allows

I love in


But setting course

Through rejection

And tumult

Swallow bitter wisdom

Turned to wisdom

In my veins

With you,

I’m exacting and

Some part of me

Treats you as a mistress

Passionate to the point

Where I leave you


Gentle after and

Able to laugh at

Your loving tests and challenges

We see the darkness

In each other

And still bathe in the

Same light

I will steal kisses

Where I can

And pay attention when

My purpose allows

But apart from that

I will come as close

To breaking you

With love as your

Body allows

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to skip into the garden and play.

The dominant current of my weather,

Somewhere between a storm

And a bright, cloudless day

Dancing beneath the light,

Giggling at the rumble of thunder

You skip into the garden to play

Draw my attention so I’m

Watching from the doorway,

Enchanted by the joy of your face

All the small pieces matter,

But sometimes I take a pure,

Child like delight

Basking in you for a moment.

You are free to be small

The guilt of need gone

Like a bad dream upon waking

I sit, in stoic observation

Or focused purpose

But some part of you

Calls to me

Across space

Across time.

Framed in sunshine

Cloaked in dusk

It’s almost too much to bear

But not quite

More likely

It’s never enough,

But we deserve to love

And be loved like that


If not for a moment.