Kisses As prayers

Damp from the rain outside And dirt under my nails Hands shaking with fatigue And there you are Bare to me Excuse the rough way I look at you I’m elegant hunger Except sometimes the sight of you Overpowers me Take you and pin down This writhing hunger within Because I’m supposed to be aContinue reading “Kisses As prayers”

White Ribbons

It’s almost tension After a fashion, But, it makes me crumble a little Just to walk into the room And see you, Testing me and how strong you make me Wishing this moment would Last forever And tomorrow, we will return To ourselves But tonight My hands My mouth are glacial warm whispers And here,Continue reading “White Ribbons”

Sweet prayers

Never sure If I’m divine inspiration Or demonic warning Perhaps a hairs breadth Between them Sit still with animal Apollonian Dionysus making other plans And sometimes I Touch you and you recoil Too much energy At too tender a time I would render you Into the woods Take you amidst the Leaves on a foundContinue reading “Sweet prayers”

Crowned by the dawn

All the warmth and joy without Having to be furtive in pursuit A languid pace A child’s idling walk Busy, at times, to the point Where I can hardly catch My breath But I surf or spread wings Of persistent purpose And take to the skies I could run naked Into the woods. Howl withContinue reading “Crowned by the dawn”

What Becomes

I find Make Sculpt Time Into raw materials Alchemical focus As the slow burn of Desire held at bay Becomes art But still, A man who would be comfortable With taking you hard Wherever I found you But duty and appropriate Behaviour stay my rough, strong Hands and their invitation To your sweet, secret placesContinue reading “What Becomes”

the smoke of loving battle

The languid flames Lick at my insides Appetites speaking With my voice Wielding the urge To feed and purge peaks of ferocious arousal I would ravish you Leave bruises tattooed On your skin The flush and dew of A knot unties An architecture of goodwill Anatomy and limbs arranged Damp intimacies soft laughter at theContinue reading “the smoke of loving battle”