Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

This is the latest collection of stories by Stephen King, who of late has produced some superlative longform works. It's the short fiction though, that really bites into you. In the introduction, he announces that he's an amateur and then proceeds to show the reward of a work ethic and a dedication with an honest … Continue reading Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King


Project Laughter 19/06/2015

I'm into the next set piece, winging it as I tend to do in the first draft, but it's how I write.  Away from the page, I do think things through and resolve holes and issues by playing it out in my head. Dialogue, I like it to sound natural but also there's an element … Continue reading Project Laughter 19/06/2015

Cold Hands John J Niven

John Niven has written acerbic funny and acutely observed books about the music industry, amateur golf and the return of Jesus on a reality talent show. He's a cynical bugger with a heart of gold and a twinkle in his eye, with a grasp of swearing that's grand and delightful on his Twitter feed. John … Continue reading Cold Hands John J Niven

The Lego Movie 18/01/2015

It had me crying with laughter, was surprisingly touching and inventive on a level that I've not seen for a long time. The voice casting was fantastic and there were so many moments that had me in stitches. 'SPACESHIP' Charlie Day's shrieks of joy were a thing to behold. It was self aware enough, not … Continue reading The Lego Movie 18/01/2015

The Next Phase

I'm giving some thought to doing a pod cast conversation on an ongoing basis.  I suppose I might talk about literature,  writing,  women and men, masculinity and culture.  It would realistically be an extension of here because this has given me a lot of confidence as a writer and I want to have some control … Continue reading The Next Phase

Marketing Help

If any of you know of blogs/review sites that review erotica,  would you let me know? I'm being conscientious in planning marketing for when/if my agent finds a publisher for the book.