Music curing nausea

Washed away The hope of holding on With emotional Incontinence And avoiding the Work in a vision of Peek a boo So I sit Open to the conversation As much to learn As to sit and hear the Music of your voice No matter what song it plays


Chelsea peered out from the tent and struggled to remain chipper. It had been her idea, after all, to come along with Ben as part of the ongoing negotiation that had been the last couple of months, after two and a half years of things being okay, comfortable. He was cocooned in the sleeping bag, … Continue reading Squatching

She Leaves By Degrees

She leaves by degrees. I potter around Offering up trinkets That she used to celebrate But now smiles Politely says thanks We use the words 'I love you' When really we mean 'I'm scared, not that you're leaving' 'But you've already left' I read through a million books Write a million poems And they all … Continue reading She Leaves By Degrees

An Admission

You can make The most pastoral setting Into a third world interrogation room And say that love made you culpable Every whispered intimacy Set on a stainless steel tray Shown to me And you smile at it Your tears have no place here And I keep turning cheeks Because sooner or later, I had faith … Continue reading An Admission

A Good Deed

Donna pulled into the parking lot just as the song finished on the radio.  Getting the kids to daycare fed, clothed, lunches packed and on time seldom left her time enough to see to herself.  When Sam had been around,  it wasn't much different, but he did, on occasion,  help dress them or at least … Continue reading A Good Deed