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When They Teach Your Stories In School

By way of explanation, my short story 'Remains' was featured here. Someone got in touch with me and asked if they had permission to introduce the story to their class. It didn't occur to me to say no, and it was a wonderful thing to experience. 'I teach English at Brownburg High School in Indiana … Continue reading When They Teach Your Stories In School


The Lightning Thesaurus: ARC available

If you are interested in receiving an advanced review copy of the lightning thesaurus for review on your book review blog or website, please contact me here as i am compiling a list.

The Unshod Centaur

The seventh book is now done. It's a relative monster in the sequence, goes some interesting places and does some new things with the setting and characters. It's also twice the length of any of the others, being a murder mystery. There are monsters, witnesses, secrets and it's down to a broken bodyguard to solve … Continue reading The Unshod Centaur

M B Blissett Readers List

If you sign up to my mailing list, then you will get advance notice of any books or stories available, exclusive previews and announcements, as well as access to an exclusive short story by way of thanks. Please click on the link below and then share it with people who you think will enjoy my … Continue reading M B Blissett Readers List