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Want to finish the story you started?

I know it's tough when the words don't want to go play in the fields of your imagination. Like a hunger pang which makes you question whether you're capable of telling the story which lives inside you.  You call yourself an 'aspiring writer' but you just want to get it down, with the themes and … Continue reading Want to finish the story you started?

My Favourite Things – Books

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Writing Announcement

My story 'Women and Children First' will be featured in the April 2017 issue of Infernal Ink Magazine. The link to the magazine is http://hydramstar.com/Infernal_Ink.html It's a story about a man who survives a terrible tragedy at sea, only to find himself at the mercy of something far worse.


Laura bent down and stared at the scattered remains of the cell phone. It had been dashed to the ground, taken apart and left to float in a puddle of dirty brown water. She plucked the battery and case up from the water, sprayed them with a solution that would clean off the worst of … Continue reading Pilgrim