Another Round

I acknowledge the exhaustion Alone This burden of performance Relinquished after Before the show Remove the war paint Unbuckle the armour For a time, Feel each ache and concern Let them stretch and walk around Then away Because I ask nothing of sympathy Just a moment to contemplate Check my gut and say Sometimes I … Continue reading Another Round


much beyond sleep

Smile in the quiet Up late, Writing to alleviate The constant hum of Purpose Only I hear it The song, thick and low, Like wine in my veins More achieved, Building a monument Visible from inner space, Potent with achievement Put the pages away but they Do not leave my sight Much beyond sleep

Take the dragon by its throat

Conceptualising the future Working to take a vision Inside and eat the rough bread Of process There is a strength in bearing The burden of the future In silence In darkness Extrapolating the struggle And I take chaos By its throat It writhes against my grip But the strength of transcendence Makes it surrender And … Continue reading Take the dragon by its throat

Writing and Reading

I am now 185 pages into Lawful Evil in second draft and already had notes from the agent about it. It's more technical and descriptive issues than the story, which is a good thing as the story is always the most important thing to me. It is the bass of any book, the foundation and … Continue reading Writing and Reading

In BattleĀ 

Despite Pain Rejection Internal External I hold true When loneliness Whispers For me to surrender When promises made In fervour Are rendered hollow I hold true My purpose is Patchwork armour Gathered from a life of battle I raise my sword Will your maidens favour Still wave from my Upper arm As battle commences In … Continue reading In BattleĀ