Nothing keeps me anywhere 04/03/2015

I've moved things forward.  These two pages were character moments,  a breath before I get into the set pieces that I've got a rough idea of what happens.  Although I can go straight to them, I like to build up to them in a first draft so I can say that there's a good foundation … Continue reading Nothing keeps me anywhere 04/03/2015

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 31/03/2015

So today felt lighter and I got some of my swagger back as I've moved past the slump and onto something new. It's a balance because I want to build tension, show that the protagonist is taking action (sounds obvious but how many books/films have pointless farting around to pad out screentime or page count?) … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 31/03/2015

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 30/03/2015

So British Summer Time begins with sleet, horizontal rain and torrential winds but writing means I get to stay indoors and do that instead as opposed to say, morris dancing or football.  Therefore I win. Today's pages were a bit of a trek to begin with, but eventually I hit a moment that I felt … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 30/03/2015

Five Books That Changed My Life.

I am a regular reader of Warren Ellis' Morning Computer microblog and he posted a fascinating piece about five books that changed his life. Here are mine.   1. Stephen King, Night Shift. His first collection of short stories, the first adult book that I managed to borrow thanks to a particularly liberal librarian. I … Continue reading Five Books That Changed My Life.

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 25/03/3015

Today was a great session. It was a dynamic scene, minimal dialogue but description and action. The trick to it, for me, is to avoid internal monologue, which works in some formats but the pleasure was in showing a training session with pads without weighing it down with too much technical information whilst still communicating … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 25/03/3015