Two Pages(13/10/16)

The two pages this morning were solid, the back and forth of the relationship between the protagonist and her mother has been a quiet source of pride for me in capturing both the narcissism and it's impact. I know a few narcissists, and I hope that I have done them proud. It also allowed me … Continue reading Two Pages(13/10/16)


Two Pages (15/09/16)

Returning to this after a throbbing headache editing session that broke me a little bit was a thing of relief. It's not that I consider myself perfect with the book that I have been working on for the better part of five months since I finished the draft, quite the opposite, in that I could … Continue reading Two Pages (15/09/16)

Two Pages (12/09/16)

A little bit of place setting this morning, nothing spectacular and it was a bit forced but it still got done. An exploratory draft should be an arena where you can perform badly once in a while, whilst understanding that there will always be good days, bad days and indifferent ones. What I do, though, … Continue reading Two Pages (12/09/16)

Two Pages (09/09/16)

This morning was about inserting a scene to bring in someone from the initial thumbnail at the start of the book and to fill an interesting question/plothole that got raised during the writing. It also allowed me to expand on some observations about the protagonist's mother, who is the antagonist of the 'internal' plot so … Continue reading Two Pages (09/09/16)

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 15/04/2015

I sat and wrote at the kitchen table, the light was perfect and I sat down with relish. These scenes form the climax, and they're important which makes me feel slightly nervous and insecure, so I can see the passive voice creeping in but I go with it anyway. I'm simply blurting out what happens, … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 15/04/2015