Purpose and Mindset (Advice For Men)

Internal:   Purpose   A man is what he does, not who he is.   It is a cruel idea to know all your good qualities have no value in the marketplace of people.   A devotion to a relationship kills it with the weight of attention.   These dichotomies are bitter medicine, but there … Continue reading Purpose and Mindset (Advice For Men)


Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

You swallow but your throat is acrid with tension. You cannot make out the details of the people watching you, only that they are there. The gown continues to shift up on the back of your legs, adding self consciousness, drop by drop, over the stir of emotions that collide and change within you. 'To … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

Two Pages(13/10/16)

The two pages this morning were solid, the back and forth of the relationship between the protagonist and her mother has been a quiet source of pride for me in capturing both the narcissism and it's impact. I know a few narcissists, and I hope that I have done them proud. It also allowed me … Continue reading Two Pages(13/10/16)

The Burden of Law.

  We had been in country for six months now, making friends was a thing of necessity and all of us in the unit had developed friendships in different layers. Imogen, who had dropped out of Stanford to be here was tight with Lorraine, who had been about to start beauty school before she got … Continue reading The Burden of Law.