Two Pages (24/10/16)

The above picture is the completed exploratory draft of Lawful Evil. I finished it on Saturday in a mammoth writing sprint. Whenever I finish a draft, it's a bittersweet experience, a mix of relief and regret. A lot happened during the three months of writing it, and the work reflects that. It's the first book … Continue reading Two Pages (24/10/16)

Two Words (21/10/16)

Lawful Evil is now into it's third act. I've got another few obligatory scenes to work through, and the climax but I hope it will be finished within a few weeks. I've got two solid ideas for whatever I work on next, so it will be a toss up between them, or it maybe something … Continue reading Two Words (21/10/16)

Image: It was about momentum, trying to lift the weight of my process against the resistance of anxiety and depression. These times are when all the bland, fat days of getting it done reap their reward. It isn't about external validation, or money in the bank a lot of the time. You do things that … Continue reading

Two Pages (18/10/16)

There is always a sinking feeling after a book ends, in terms of writing it, where you know that all the experiences, tangential and direct, that informed it will never happen to you again. If they do, it won't be in the same way. Different, in that you've felt them, learned them or been hurt … Continue reading Two Pages (18/10/16)

Two Pages (16/10/16)

Today's date almost looks like a palindrome. I've finished the last draft of Until She Sings. I have also started editing She's Here. Lawful Evil is going well, and am now some 250 pages into the first draft.  I've been doing a lot more reading the last few days, and have ploughed through quite a … Continue reading Two Pages (16/10/16)

Two Pages (10/10/16)

Yesterday was good, worked on Lawful Evil as there are lots of exciting scenes to work through and I wanted to maintain momentum, plus it makes wine of strong emotion so it was a pleasure to escape into the pages for a while. I wrote again, this morning and I wonder if there is some … Continue reading Two Pages (10/10/16)