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Gilded by sunlight
Coffee, brewed to potent darkness
Hangs in the air like hotel polish
My hand at your cheek
Warm and rough
Like a dog’s enquiry
Offering the delight
Of my attention
The low, soft lilt
Of the words I wrote for you
Making your winged soul
Tickled with attention
How I come from my world
A breath apart
To yours
Taking pleasure in the differences
Invitation extended
Without recrimination
An embrace taut as leather
Crisp understanding
And a wave of forceful
Desire to wash over you
Go about your day, darling,
Saturated in my love,
A moment taken from my own
Empire’s grace
Offered to you
A drop of rain, pure and sweet
Hitting the surface of your heart’s ocean
One drop
One drop
One drop
beauty, love, poetry, women

A gossamer weight

Your gossamer wings

Shimmer against the kitchen tiles

Busy, busy, busy

Taking delight in the simplest things

For all my words

In odes to passion

Surrender, the sweet, dark polarity

Of my beast to your beauty

It is the rippling of light upon water

Which draws my eye to you

How tender, how wounded you are

And how you rise above the dark gravity

Of your anxieties

The slick pull of a guilt which reaches into everything

I love as a conscious act, weighing the depth of

Your soul’s deeds

Never find you wanting

Even when such wounds and pulls

Wound and pull at me

My armour bears the scars

With pride

beauty, love, poetry, women


If the water on the windowsill could be your molecules they would give me a paper to smell a pen to place safely away near my utensils think of me when it rains how the droplets become you and me falling from the sky like bullets on a battlefield like trees in the rainforest sometimes […]

via If — Christina Strigas

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women



Melting like ice cream

Pooling amber cream

In the plastic bowl

Of an afternoon

We escape for brief periods

Making a love

Equal parts tender and furious

My tenderness at loving war

With your fury

I know your need for me

To be a man to you

A column, a wild bear

Roaring lust into the blue

Teasing and rewarding

Your lips curved into gentle

Smiles then lustful howls

I need your surrender

And beneath the sway of flowers

Take what I want

Buck and dance beneath me

Nothing in my gaze

Warrants judgement

Guilt is a small cloud

But my light

My darkness

Overwhelms it all

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beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

all now is play

Lost in my eyes

Found by my touch

Defined by my strength

Aloft on the gentle wonder

Of my attention

I listen close

Act according to my purpose

Sourced in quiet primal play

Do I still pool in the hollow places

Within you?

My instincts offer affirmation

But the silence, sometimes

Is too thick to make sense of

Yet still, my cave

Echoes with the gentle call

To adventure

Take my rough hands

Put them where you will

All now is play

All now is love

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Come To My Bed




To my bed

Not a stranger

Flushed with guilt and trepidation

But here slip off

The clothes of duty and manners

Intelligent animals

Seething with heat

To kiss until our lips bruised

Without the fear of judgement

With the only limits

Determined by our courage

In pursuit of our desires




Fuck with the raw power

Of play

A primal authority

Nestled in a warm cradle

Of authority




Play the game of surrender

Leave yourself

In whole or in part

Bear the marks

Or hide them

I shall care for them

Until such time

As you are compelled

By appetite to call upon me


A genie with flesh’s wishes

Known like scripture

Come to my bed

Then come