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Memento Mori

She lets me know

I’m just a man

Prone to taking

Myself too seriously

And she smiles

Something in my chest

Realises it is free to


She sinks into

My flesh

Like heat

Moving in such a way

I picture her naked

This capacity

For life

Like God is in the room

When I kiss her

But she’s a memento mori

And a celebration

Not on a pedestal

Or pandered to

But I tell her

Through my actions

How I feel

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As Your Body Allows

I love in


But setting course

Through rejection

And tumult

Swallow bitter wisdom

Turned to wisdom

In my veins

With you,

I’m exacting and

Some part of me

Treats you as a mistress

Passionate to the point

Where I leave you


Gentle after and

Able to laugh at

Your loving tests and challenges

We see the darkness

In each other

And still bathe in the

Same light

I will steal kisses

Where I can

And pay attention when

My purpose allows

But apart from that

I will come as close

To breaking you

With love as your

Body allows

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rain of my attention

Beneath the actions,

The calm authority with which

I conduct myself,

The supple confidence

Which comes from being

Unencumbered by restlessness

Some part of me reveals itself

Rough hands made delicate

Deep, gruff voice softened

Into chuckles

Trained but not domesticated

My words are cool sips

Smoothing out into bursts of warmth

And each time I enter the room,

It becomes the first time,

And a rush of adolescence


Like the building of static

Before a storm

And you dance in the rain of my attention

The ribald peals of laughter

Ringing like church bells

And this, the closest

I’ve come to knowing faith

Makes me feel

As close to salvation

As I’m likely




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We can still

Know where everything

Everyone is

And be lost

Home isn’t somewhere

You’d have receive mail

Just as you won’t always find

God in the church

And my wildness has known

The shadows of bars

Falling asleep in captivity

But home is a person

As much as a place

And I fall into

Space with you

Kisses like

Twinkling lights

Hands as pilgrims

Slip past the gates

Of your clothes

Warm from sleep

And set them to


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Glow Like Treasure

I’ll take you


Sweet and low

Stripped down

To skin


Coming until we

Don’t know which way

Is up

Which way is down

Held back

But never by

What I’ve been feeling

Sustained by the thought of you

And all the stars look like you


As we spend but not waste

The time we have

And sometimes I am 

Clumsy with the depth

Of feeling

But I have a grace

Lost down the side of my life

But found

It makes me glow 

Like treasure

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It’s a long way down

To fall without


Into the abyss

Stained with self deception

And the fear plays its rhythms

On your bones

But this is where

The gods and their

Champions wait

And you stare

Long enough to see

The threshold

Cross it

It will feel like death

Until it doesn’t

But here

She comes to you

Sees you wearing the

Marks of father

And in surrendering,

Finds her own victory

With the surety

She finds



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Swimming through

Oceans of beauty,

Febrile youth

Considered couture

Cosmetics as masterpieces

Perfect and inconstant

As pavement art

Wired to each wave and current

But you,

In absence

Or presence

Make me blind

Blithe to them all

Even as they smile

Simmer for my words

But you draw me down

Until my lungs

Are full with you

But I breathe deep

And feel the strength

Flow through my veins.