My second appearance on Horrorscreams

It was my pleasure to enjoy a second appearance on the show. We talked about The Thing, then went into a conversation about John Carpenter's filmography. It was, as always, a fun and engaging conversation with Steven and Sarah. HORRORSCREAMS PODCAST: Episode 14 - John Carpenter & THE THING (

My appearance on HorrorScreams

It was a polite, enthusiastic and engaging conversation with two very smart and informed people. If you're in the UK, it is free on Spotify to listen to.

Writing and Manners On The Internet

I have been listening to the Writing Excuses podcast, and although it focusses on fantasy/science fiction, there are valuable insights that I have found entertaining and thought provoking. One that I listened to recently was about choosing/balancing your opinions versus your authorial image. This one was particularly interesting for me. I'm not especially controversial nor opinionated, … Continue reading Writing and Manners On The Internet


It's riveting storytelling. It captures the vagaries of memory and recollection against a teenage love story and eventually a murder.  The shifts in perceptions, the careful consideration of the case for and against the prosecution is delivered in a elegaic and considered way.  It's troubling listening but it's compulsive and involving in it's presentation.  The … Continue reading Serial