Watching me speak As much as listening Fighting the urge To reach out and touch Tracing a fingertip Against the soft, red flesh With a child like fascination Your adult imagination Already feels my breath Against the places Growing warm beneath¬† Your clothes My voice goes with you Through you Into you A bow that … Continue reading Lips


A Kiss, A Breath

I kiss Air into Your lungs So you might Know belly laughter The sacred absence Wild Free My words My touch My kiss Offering heat enough To dry your tears With a leaping Ease and knowledge That lesser men Must learn I Know You.

These Walls

These walls Pulse with intention Xanadu Heaven Wondrous fever dreaming Borne into being Stroked by my Rough, gentle fingers Sheets clenched in your fists Your eyes blaze Divine under my attentions No prohibition beyond my command Supine as you become full, my vessel


Shall we play? Underneath fairy¬†lights Wrestling with one another. Pinning you to the floor with Playful ease. How you giggle as you writhe, My loving control is absolute And how I know you so well That you are girl and woman both And that my strength Is in your service To open you up and … Continue reading Playtime


Let me tie Lengths of pearlescent Ribbon around Your nipples A gift of goodness Needing correction Bind you with the Outstretched limb Surrender By degrees To my rough authority Be set free By your submission I know how you ache Twisting with want My stinging blows Thanking me After each strike I see into your … Continue reading Ribbons