In night’s bitter watches

Do not mistake My quiet for gentility My manners are camouflage To disguise the beast That lives beneath This skin I am capable Of the sweetest fury To extend the control I have To you. Pout and tell me how mean I am but I see the light in your eyes How you long for … Continue reading In night’s bitter watches


My Voice Goes With You

​ Here is my channel of poetry, spoken word pieces and audio recordings of Sir 2.0. Please listen and offer feedback. Thank you.

A Rough, Yet Gentle Magick

Within this rough Yet gentle magick That courses through me In senses and words Lies a secure adventure A loving danger Where all that you know Might be traded for Real gold Rather than pyrite Diamonds as opposed To zirconia I know myself The loving passion Offered up Present in my caramel Eyes Each look Each … Continue reading A Rough, Yet Gentle Magick

Diving My touch, Slow as time’s passing Curiosity informing the tools Of moistened, agile tongue Saliva slick fingertips So even the friction Feels like warm gold sliding Down the inside of your thighs Diving beneath the surface The golden lakes of our flesh Held in one another’s mouths Small stabs of pleasure Building until we … Continue reading Diving