Niceville by Carsten Stroud

Synopsis: Rainey Teague disappears on his way home from school, literally vanishing into thin air. He's there one moment and gone the next, captured on security cameras. After he is found, the nightmare only gets deeper, especially for detective Nick Kavanaugh and his wife, Kate, a family practice lawyer. They have all been drawn into … Continue reading Niceville by Carsten Stroud

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Short stories are probably the form that has survived best into the digital age, perfect for a condensed experience, as much an art form as the most unwieldly novel and in it's perfect brevity, it can eclipse it with it's focus. For writers who want to scrub off the term aspiring, short fiction is the … Continue reading Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Book Reviews

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway If we must talk genres, then I have a preference for the ones that have a sense of joy to them, well dressed mutants with a glint in their eye, a curation rather than a marketing strategy. Neil Gaiman has a lot of that down pat but then there are writers … Continue reading Book Reviews

Life of a thousand cuts

I trimmed back some of the exposition. What's important is to keep things so that the characters are together, reacting to one another and avoiding too much commentary. Too much and it slows things down to a crawl, not enough and it feels disconnected. I like to keep things at a pace that feels right. … Continue reading Life of a thousand cuts

Two Pages

I'm not really any closer to wrapping up this up and it is about endurance now. ┬áIt has it's own voice and I will be fascinated/appalled by what I've written once I have some distance from it. First drafts have a morbid fascination for me, and the most liberating and inspiring things I picked up … Continue reading Two Pages