Fitful Passions

I will take You dancing through The forest I will show you Awe in the everyday I will offer safety And adventure Within that safety I will encourage you To sing When the world Weighs so heavily That you can barely Draw breath I offer such Fitful passions All you need do Is admit it … Continue reading Fitful Passions


  Their knowledge Unspoken Comes together Into perfect lines Arrowheads Of direction Much as my heart Hands Soul does When I think Of You. I may lose My way On occasion But the primal Magic of You Shows me The Way  


Long shadows Wrapped around Us like blankets Warm skins, Slippery with Contact You come to this cave Earthly enlightenment The primal, hairy Wild man With an intelligent light In my eyes Questions answered Lips moving in service To something sweeter More ribald than questions Show me your passion Your broken places I will kiss them … Continue reading Cave

Beneath An Open Sky, We Dance

Skies open Brilliant with light True as anything You've known Dancing beneath as we Grace one another  With Feelings Rushing through Pores and veins Magical in it's intensity Huge in it's intention Mutual kindness continuing Unwavering

A Storm That Frightens The Animal

The unspoken heat  Between us seethes Peering between the bars Of it’s cage Yet so often, it’s lust Is mistaken for anger But here, we pass one another The means to set it free. Wrestling against one another Mouths blooming where they meet Hands finding something worthy To touch, the fragile strength That grows and … Continue reading A Storm That Frightens The Animal

A Bridge For The Furies: 2

Part 1 is here Gloria's life could be measured in rituals. Her first was to get out of bed, throw on sweats and trainers, drink a cup of coffee and then hit the road. She ran to the bridge and back. It was a quiet stretch of road, and that time of the morning, no … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: 2