If you’d like to put on the headset, the presentation will begin. The tingling sensation is natural as we’re using conductive gel to provide verisimilitude. Now you are on the small island of St Martin as Hurricane Irma ripped through it. We used to hunker down, wait until it passed and then clear up afterwards. … Continue reading REACT


(By Jiyang Chen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Kelvin parked at the top of the cliffs and peered at the bleak, grey sky. He feared getting nothing from this trip beyond a soaking. He zipped up his coat, checked the camera and locked the car. He walked down to the beach with care, … Continue reading Gull

A Brisk Walk To Clear The Head Bette took off from the house at a brisk pace, headphones on and trying not to force herself to go back and see what was up with Kelly, trusting that Dave could handle things for the time it took her to get her walk in. The woods invited her in and she came to … Continue reading A Brisk Walk To Clear The Head


Chelsea peered out from the tent and struggled to remain chipper. It had been her idea, after all, to come along with Ben as part of the ongoing negotiation that had been the last couple of months, after two and a half years of things being okay, comfortable. He was cocooned in the sleeping bag, … Continue reading Squatching


Lumbering The crush of pine needles Branches broken Like naïve hearts I wander Following the scent Of the divine feminine Not to be saved By it nor to save it Simply to wallow it Soak myself in its Perfume The divine sweat Of the sheets made damp With passion I carve sigils Into the earth … Continue reading Lumbering

Beast of the wild places

I come Bearing ruin Teethmarks Tears streaming With agonising joy I would leave Bruises Burns and dreams Rapacious as nightmares Make you drip With the sweet rush Of my fury I may present Gentle and sweet words But I am not a soft Defeat I am warrior poet A beast of the wild places If … Continue reading Beast of the wild places