the field where they met

¬†   He pulled himself out of the earth. It was night, but he looked up, dismayed not to see the stars to guide his way.   He brushed himself down, letting the cool air kiss his skin before he left his bed behind him. The world was different, sour with a sickness which laid … Continue reading the field where they met

A Finer World Is A Matter of Scale

  The insect legions of Urz descended from the sky. I watched as thick black clouds of wasp troopers descend from the wombholes of writhing white maggots, tunnelling through the sky and screaming their hate for us.   I ran back to my nest, found my spine launcher and rolled in a barrel magazine before … Continue reading A Finer World Is A Matter of Scale

Yu Yan and The Dragon

( Yu Yan awoke before dawn, having heard the faint screams trickling from the monastery walls in her dreams and knew she was the last student of The Night's Forest School. She had been sent to attend to the burial of an old sister, at a grove alongside the borders of the Old Kingdom and … Continue reading Yu Yan and The Dragon

A Bridge For The Furies: 4.

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 'THE LEVIATHAN MAY HAVE NO ALTERNATIVE WITHIN THIS SPHERE BEYOND GROWTH AND FEBRILE AMBITION' Olivia stood there, looking up at the luminescent cloud that moved against the prevailing gravity with the liquid insistence of a jellyfish. Each time it spoke, it produced flashes of brilliant light that stripped … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: 4.

A Bridge For The Furies: 2

Part 1 is here Gloria's life could be measured in rituals. Her first was to get out of bed, throw on sweats and trainers, drink a cup of coffee and then hit the road. She ran to the bridge and back. It was a quiet stretch of road, and that time of the morning, no … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: 2

A Bridge For The Furies

Olivia¬†had ridden down this path a thousand times, there would be points that even the bird calls appeared when they were supposed to. It gave her a sense of place. That there was somewhere certain in this world that she might call her own. Back at the farm, she had to watch her dad move … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies