She loves as we love

Psyche with the blade At Eros throat And in so doing She let things fall apart And the handmaidens Became howls and squawking Because she leaned too far into The swamp of whispers Fed by envious sisters Because they believe they're doing The good work of sisterhood Never satisfied unless beauty Rubs dirt to mar … Continue reading She loves as we love


Song of Orpheus

This melody Speaks to the marrow Death, Do you weave your web To keep me bound Or to keep me away? If I cannot act From love then how shall I love Because from afar Kisses grow stale  This catabasic Journey Ends Begins With this My song To kiss without trepidation Life back to my … Continue reading Song of Orpheus

Pete and Albion

Pete Felgate smoked in sharp needy drags, eyes glazing over as he counts the bricks in the wall of the bingo hall. From inside the faint chiming rhythms of game play and the muted cheer of the players was soothing to him. The letter was still in his pocket, the polite wheedling apology from the … Continue reading Pete and Albion