Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere Chapter 2 by Dahlia Bliss

Chapter 2. You’ll know them on sight. There is not the easy camaraderie of a group of friends, nor its cousin, the polite fight for female attention that I grew up experiencing. No, it’s somewhere between a field trip and a hunting expedition. With a tutor who takes each group and encourages the students to … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere Chapter 2 by Dahlia Bliss

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere by Dahlia Bliss

(Here is a preview of the next Dahlia Bliss book, Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere. Let me know what you think) When a dating coach meets a waitress at a convention, sparks fly, but life throws many obstacles in their path towards love CHAPTER 1 The jet lag meant my charm was running on fumes. Norwich. … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere by Dahlia Bliss

Vicious Angels

We are atoms In collision Collusion Through it all I feel you As I go about my purpose Through pain and hunger Late into the night Even as disaster looms Like vicious angels I remain Endure And in this You surrender Gentle animal Kind to everyone Implicit strength Leaner now But still Tuned into The … Continue reading Vicious Angels

Hidden Victories

Those pockets of silence, Travel between them A pilgrim seeking holy places, Hands capable of violence Yet at rest against themselves When not at play on the territory of you, But you sleep, I grind, No one knows what it takes to be this, How each day, Is a battle with toothsome Loathsome devils, Some … Continue reading Hidden Victories

A Game of Green and Yellow

The birds sing me awake, their cries loud enough to drown out my dreams. I wind the surrounding sheets, still bearing the musk of my skin, stale and dry these days. It is a talisman against the wet, greasy decay of what hunts me.  I hear it breathing - the pop and crackle of rice … Continue reading A Game of Green and Yellow

All the ways

To sit with uncertainty Here amidst the ruins of The person I was Someone better Lives here now Yet the hungry ghosts of old weaknesses Change forms as they stalk the future They've no place haunting But those, red in tooth and claw, They fail to learn from history My victories, come at a cost, … Continue reading All the ways