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Terse Counsel

there are some

I trust with my secrets

Nothing corrosive

For I’ve been to the ground with


But still

The council of quiet men

Advice which cuts away

Weak and rotting thought

So I return

Hard and strong

Terse counsel

Growling in my bones

Sit with women

Knowing I spare her

My weaknesses

But not 

My attention

Masculine energy renewed

In their company

Or in solitude

Both the same

Both the same

Both the same

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To remain

As a tree remains 


Yet responsive

Supple in intuition

the subtlety of

How we interact

when all my work is done

And I can then

Turn my attention to you

Because as glorious a distraction you 


Nothing shudders to a halt

Because I bear it with a smile

Stronger for the resistance

And my root seeks the fertile soil

finding purchase

Your bedrock shifts

And you feed

Sustain something rich

As summer night

Shelter beneath me

I have you:



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Persistent buddha, gentle bear

This year

Tried to break me

With anguish

Pleasures so acute

They were indistinguishable

As a mute singing

To their gods

The impersonal furies

Their heartfelt heralds

Sought to carve their names

Into my bones

But here I remain

Further forward

Despite a glacial pace

So deep it made me wonder

If I moved at allmade

But I look back

See the scarred ruins 

Look down then up

The wine of persistence

Sweet on my lips

Still, reach beneath

My shirt, rough palm 

Against a heart which holds

rhythm no matter how off the time 

the world appears

I remain





And sat, smiling as 

I consider how 

Little frightens me anymore

And when I hold you

It is with the strength

Of grace

Remember, my love

I can endure anything

So let your winds howl

the rains fall

And my smile

Persistent buddha

A bear, gentle even as I lick blood

From my teeth

Nostrils aflare

At the honey of your 


beauty, love, men, poetry, women

Past Amber

children without fathers

Arrested in the amber of their

Curiosity of what it is 

To have time with one

Good, bad, indifferent

I am one

And spent a long

Time walking free of

Absence and its shadow

Warm enough to hold my own

close and in turn

I’ve found the father within

Offer its paternal benevolence

And hold you when you falter

Stroke away pain and discomfort

Build a fire

Wrap a fur around you

With a kind smile

Patience to the vagaries

And if I help someone 

Past amber

Then my life gains the light

Of older wisdom

love, men, poetry, women


No new school of


No undiscovered branch of 


No star on the wall at Langley

No street named after me



Writing to make sense of the


Sacrifices made now

To the tomorrow

and being a man

Worth fucking

Worth fighting

A friend of quiet certainty

A father who loves and teaches

These things

I am 

Or perceived myself to be

Despite, sometimes

The evidence

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by strength defined

My pretty words

Only took me so far

Like carrion birds

Leaving their scars


And all that matters

Are my deeds

For the truth shatters

And made me bleed


But I have come

To find new strength

No longer numb

To time’s cruel length


So take my hand

Fingers entwined

I have a plan

By strength defined



beauty, love, men, poetry, women

cat and colossus

Your personality.

A feline elegance

Approached calmly.

I’ve learned to tolerate some pain

To relax. 

Learned to stay still.

Observe what you like

and what you don’t

Through knowing myself

And this is when, in person,

I’d smile to leaven the arrogance

But I’m a colossus

Fathered and persevered

Created and destroyed

Sat with you

Not beneath 

Alongside but at attention

The way a mountain does

Does not pay attention

You’re lucky 

To earn the rumble of my attention

And you open like a flower

At the heat of my touch

So come

Pad across the room 

Sit in the lap

Of the gods

Singular not plural

I’ll stroke your fur

Until you sing at healing frequencies

Come close

Feel small again

With wonder