The Smile of Autumn Ghosts

Joe stood at the corner of the train station, chatting to a stranger over a cigarette when Keeley arrived. She smiled at the ease with which he carried himself in making the most of his time. When he spoke about his previous marriage, he told her how it used to irritate his wife and the … Continue reading The Smile of Autumn Ghosts



Sat in the kitchen with the lights off, the sharpest knife in my hand, and seeing the same woman outside the back door. Why won't she get the hint? Begging to come in. It's cold, she tells me to stop fucking around. She cries, which is rare for her. Two weeks since she appeared. She … Continue reading Kitchen

Fleeting Progress

Unremarkable to most But there are moments I can taste, sweet and fleeting Where the world ushers me Forward past a sea of burning candles Broken and faded headstones Too long a villain believing Themselves a hero But the road costs me With each step Against the trembling, angry Chorus I sing with enthusiasm But … Continue reading Fleeting Progress

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere

I have rebranded and amended the book to better reflect my ownership of it. It is unique and I feel reaching more people under my name rather than Dahlia would better serve it. It will also be available in paperback and ebook. A gripping tale of passion, redemption and secrets from the author of 51R … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere


If you had to invent your version of father,  or yours let you down. If you've let your children down, then I'm with you.We project that it's easy but it isn't. A lot of it is you give up the time with them. A necessary separation from people you'd die for,  to support them. You … Continue reading Father