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No new school of


No undiscovered branch of 


No star on the wall at Langley

No street named after me



Writing to make sense of the


Sacrifices made now

To the tomorrow

and being a man

Worth fucking

Worth fighting

A friend of quiet certainty

A father who loves and teaches

These things

I am 

Or perceived myself to be

Despite, sometimes

The evidence

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by strength defined

My pretty words

Only took me so far

Like carrion birds

Leaving their scars


And all that matters

Are my deeds

For the truth shatters

And made me bleed


But I have come

To find new strength

No longer numb

To time’s cruel length


So take my hand

Fingers entwined

I have a plan

By strength defined



beauty, love, men, poetry, women

cat and colossus

Your personality.

A feline elegance

Approached calmly.

I’ve learned to tolerate some pain

To relax. 

Learned to stay still.

Observe what you like

and what you don’t

Through knowing myself

And this is when, in person,

I’d smile to leaven the arrogance

But I’m a colossus

Fathered and persevered

Created and destroyed

Sat with you

Not beneath 

Alongside but at attention

The way a mountain does

Does not pay attention

You’re lucky 

To earn the rumble of my attention

And you open like a flower

At the heat of my touch

So come

Pad across the room 

Sit in the lap

Of the gods

Singular not plural

I’ll stroke your fur

Until you sing at healing frequencies

Come close

Feel small again

With wonder

beauty, love, men, poetry, sex, women

Weekend Omnibus

call the rain

inner fire

prime directive

i see you

a treasure’s glow

beauty, love, poetry, women

a treasure’s glow

there is magic within me


like a phrase in a language

you don’t speak

but recall with sparkling


today, it has returned to me

and even through the dull anguish

of days, it shines

i can feel it exuding like a lover’s sweat

a treasure’s glow

for i am a prize, above all else

sometimes you forget

in the reforging

but even as a few coins fell

I still remain


claim me once again

you will renew your acquaintance with such value

from the first touch

masculinity, men, poetry

some sublime alchemy

reviewing books

you’ve never read

dancing about architecture

how do some people

presume to judge

what they’ll never experience

people can intellectualise

but imagination can be fragile

against the roaring storm

which lives within

the burning libido

how culture speaks to a dominance

better attributed to the individual

than the group

but once you reach into

the rough, dark places

see the beast within you

and how action is the antidote

to chaos and how it chokes your

Battle cries

you see the tightly closed

lips, defeated expressions

yet still they walk

so I make eye contact

smile and nod

i see you


we’re all marching somewhere

and by helping myself

i can help you

man or woman

if you recognise we are not

monsters anymore than

our capacity

to be so

but see the glory I exude

like winter sunlight



rapacious as your pupils

dilate before my glory

some sublime alchemy

of bad habits

being overcome

alongside positive


undiminished and honed

so a man

and all it entails

look to me

in the chaos

find me

stoic buddha

loving bear

ten feet tall

made of diamond

shining bright

like winter sunlight




beauty, love, poetry, sex, women

how gods kiss

i remain

brilliant and enduring

still the same braggadocio

adventures to take

but also i have built foundations

raised up helpless loves

into independence

where there was chaos

I rode it like a loa

But where I have lost

they carved sage advice into my bones

taught me painful lessons I’ve applied

And continue to,

And so, I play with

An informed twinkle in my eye

I remain

Constant, knowing my value




Take you with the confidence

Of conquering monarch

Slake my thirst between your thighs

And rebuild whatever damage I wrought

On the path past

Your house

Walk through the door

And take my place

Give me your divine feminine

Your strength is not mine

But we dance,

Kali and Shiva,

Ma’at and Thoth

Zeus and Hera

We are but gods in mortal form

Taste the divine lightning

On your teeth like blood