Silence,I’m Watching Television

Game of Thrones - season 7, episode 1. I have been thinking about my youth and how I was mocked for my love of comics and pop culture, pilgrimages to Norwich and Abstract Sprocket (where i had a pull list every month), permanent residence in the fantasy, science fiction and horror sections of the library. … Continue reading Silence,I’m Watching Television



BOOK OF 2016: I read a lot, and of the books I've read that have been released this year, there are two that I felt warranted particular mention. THE FIREMAN by JOE HILL. I have this on audiobook and on the Kindle. Joe Hill has been a writer whose work I will always gravitate towards. … Continue reading 2016: BOOKS, TV AND MOVIES

Donald Sterling and Justin Bieber

What is odd, as my son pointed out to me, is how there was massive uproar in respect of Donald Sterling and his comments but Bieber has not garnered the same measure of vitriol from the same people. I don't know, part of me feels sorry for him, we all did stupid shit at fifteen … Continue reading Donald Sterling and Justin Bieber

Ideas and Concepts, Women

I have lots of ideas and concepts pop into my head but I am generally rigorous in whether they become projects or not. My interests prompt a lot of 'what if' scenarios, I think of archetypes and technological and moral questions, the representation of women is something I care about. And not just idealism in … Continue reading Ideas and Concepts, Women

5 Things I’ve Learned Coming Away From Social Media

I am, I believe a few days into the break from Twitter and Facebook, and it's still amusing and astonishing in equal measure. 1. The time you have. I get my daily pages done, apply for jobs, read the news and pop culture sites I find interesting and amusing, I walk the dog and listen to … Continue reading 5 Things I’ve Learned Coming Away From Social Media